Production office dedicated to contemporary performing arts creation established at the end of 2006, Les Productions de la Seine operate from Paris throughout France, as well as with international networks.

Les Productions de la Seine has been supporting artists in the realization of their projects, the development of their activities and their structuring. The office supports certain teams in delegated production at the beginning of their career or based abroad; it works in collaboration with cultural sites to carry out outsourced production, booking or event implementation and coordination missions.

Les Productions de la Seine are occasionally called upon to work with cultural actors during meetings or work sessions on the practices and approaches related to the support of an artistic project.


 For company(ies), artists based in France and Europe.




▬ Booking and tour management in France and Europe for foreign artists.
▬ Production for foreign artists.
▬ Administration and production of limited cultural events.



▬ Conception of information and promotion materials.
▬ Creation of information documents and communication materials (press release, book, advertising...).

▬ Material and logistical implementation of communication actions.
▬ Website adminsitration.




 ▬ On demand advices for living art companies.




Daniel Hellmann | 3art3 Company for   booking (since 2016)

Panagiota Kallimani in executive production (since 2014)

Anne Monfort | day-for-night for production and  booking (since 2017)

Jasmine Morand | Prototype Status for production and  booking (since 2017) 




Marion Zurbach | Unplush for booking (2020-2022)

Marion Duval for  booking (may and june 2017)

Sélection suisse en Avignon - SCH for the  booking of the Helvetic artists performances in theater and choreography (editions 2016, 2017 and 2018)

Anna Nozière for   booking (season 2016-2017)

Aude Lachaise for production and  booking (season 2016-2017)

 2b Company for the  booking of "Opening", almost integral repertory of the collective Gremaud / Gurtner / Bovay (2016)

Panaibra Gabriel Canda for production and  booking  (2013-2016)

Christian & François Ben Aïm for production and  booking (2015-2016)
Ambra Senatore for administrationn and  booking  (2014-2015)
Cédric Gourmelon for production and  booking  (2014-2015)
Catherine Diverrès for administration and communication (2012-2014)
L'L - Lieu de recherche et d'accompagnement pour la jeune création based in Bruxelles, occasional collaboration for the organization and coordination of key moments in Paris & for the production of the creations and   booking  in France for the associated artists plays of L’L : Aude Lachaise, Emmanuel Eggermont, Claudio Stellato,... (2011-2013).

African Artists Development - AAD executive production for the Parisian representations of the Cie Vuyani from South Africa (2010)
Christophe Fiat for administration, production and  booking  (2009-2010)

Bruno Dizien for administration, production and   booking (2009-2010)

Le Tarmac de la Villette executive production for the creation of the adaptation of Le cœur des enfants léopards of Dieudonné Niangouna (2008) &  booking  of La Comédie indigène of Lotfi Achour (2007)
Institut Français à Paris (CulturesFrance) executive production for national and international touring of the la Biennale ‘Danse l’Afrique Danse !’ laureates 2008 : Cie Baninga/Delavallet Bidiefono - Congo Brazzaville, Cie Inzalo D.T.C. - South Africa and Cie Pape Ibrahima dit Kaolack - Sénégal, Cie Nejib Ben Kalfallah - Tunisia (RFI Price  Montpellier danse tour), Cie Daara Dance/Michel Papach Kouakou - Côte d’Ivoire (Israël Tour and Palestinian territories)

Kettly  Noël executive production for the international creation of Chez Rosette et en diffusion for the play Correspondances of Nelisiwe Xaba and Kettly Noël (2008)

Christian Bourigault for  booking (2006 - 2007)
Olga de Soto for administration, production and booking (2005 - 2007)