Traumboy | Traumgirl

Daniel Hellmann

Two shows. Two different genders. Two takes on sex work.

Anne Welenc & Daniel Hellmann

The performances are on the borderline between documentary theatre and auto-fiction. They function as independent pieces, but in their combination they open up further spaces for reflection. Does the audience of a young woman take away the self-determined handling of her sexuality in the same way as a young man ? What kind of prejudices arise ? Which fantasies are stimulated ? To what extent do the two figures differ as projection screens ?


Whatever you believe about prostitution, prepare to have your assumptions challenged… Hellmann is forthright about the myriad roles he plays, positioning his audiences as voyeurs, daring them to look honestly at their own sexual fantasies

San Francisco Chronicle 




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Concept, performance Daniel Hellmann
Dramaturgy Wilma Renfordt
Outside eye Ivan Blagajcevic

Set & costume design, satge management Theres Indermaur
Sound design & music Leo Hofmann

Light Gioia Scanzi

Light & general management Anna Lienert

Production Daniela Lehmann

Dissemination Florence Francisco - Les Productions de la Seine

English translation Melanie Jame Wolf


Production 3art3
Coproduction Gessnerallee Zürich et Festspiele Zürich
With the support of  Stadt Zürich Kultur, Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich, Pro Helvetia Schweizer Kultur-Stiftung, Migros Kulturprozent, Nestlé Fondation pour l’Art, Schweizer Tanzarchiv - Preis für Videodokumentation, wpZimmer Antwerpen


In 2016, this show was part of the Sélection suisse en Avignon, Pro Helvetia and CORODIS device for Swiss artists promotion during the festival OFF d'Avignon.

In 2019, it was also part of the first edition of the Swiss Selection Edinburgh, Pro Helvetia promotion device for helvetic stage during the Fringe Festival Edinburgh.


Daniel is a sex worker. In the solo performance Traumboy he reports on his experiences as a male prostitute. Without shame, honestly and interactively. He talks about the reasons for choosing this profession, describes his clients and their desires. The audience meets a young man who prostitutes himself deliberately. The only problem: the stigma that comes with it. Having sex with strangers for money is still considered a taboo. 

Traumboy questions the double standards of our capitalistic and hypersexualized society. The performer's body turns into a projection surface for fears, fantasies and contradictions. He slips into different roles that he plays for his customers – or for the audience? 

With this ambiguous self-staging the spectators are challenged to scrutinize their sexual ideals and to take a close look at the sexual being that they consider themselves. Are the boundaries in your mind where you expect them? 


As part of the research process for Traumboy – but also as an independent project – Daniel Hellmann has developed the interactive performance Full Service. It is a performance-cum-service offer that pops up in public space or around art venues. Performer Daniel Hellmann is ready to provide any service that spectators or passers-by might wish for – as long as performer and participant manage to agree on a price. The first performances took place in October 2014 at Performa Festival in Ticino, followed by further shows in theatres and at festivals in New York, Zurich, Berlin, among others. 


10 february 2022 

Unfriesiert Festival of Luzern (CH)

17 novembre 2021 

NEXT festival au CC de Steiger, Menen (BE)

25th february 2021Report in progress

Unfrisiert Festival, Luzern (CH)

2nd december 2020Reported in 2021 because of Covid-19 crisis

NEXT festival au CC de Steiger, Menen (BE)

9th to 11th january 2020

Ballhaus Ost, Berlin (DE)

20th to 23th november 2019

Schlachthaus Theater, Bern (CH)

21th october 2018

Counterpulse, San Francisco (US) 

22th september 2018

Ganz New Festival du Student Centre, Zagreb (HR)

7th september 2018

Festival Transform du KLAP, Marseille (FR)  

31th july to 25th august 2019 (alternating with Traumgirl)

Fringe Festival / Swiss Selection Edinburgh (UK)

15th july 2018

Kilowatt Festival, Sansepolcro (IT) 

 17th november 2017

Next Arts Festival - Tielt (BE) 


15th april 2017

Festival Clito'Rik au Mac Orlan, Brest (FR)

12th & 13th april 2017

Festival Extra Ball au Centre culturel Suisse, Paris (FR)

24th march 2017 

SICK! Festival - Manchester (UK)

15th march 2017

SICK! Festival - Brighton (UK)

7th & 8th march 2017

Festival Something Raw, Amsterdam (NL)

13th & 14th january 2017

Festival Hiroshima, Barcelone (ES)


Creation 2015 et the Gessnerallee à Zürich (find the  explotations 2015-2016 of the show in the artistic file).






Concept Daniel Hellmann

Creation & performance  Anne Welenc

Dramaturgy  Marc Streit

Advices on dramaturgy  Daniel Hellmann

Outside eye Leah Feline

Video & outside eye Michel Wagenschütz 

Set & costume design, stage management Theres Indermaur

Light & general management Anna Lienert

Production  Lisa Letnansky

Dissemination & production Edinburgh Florence Francisco - Les Productions de la Scène


Production 3art3 - Daniel Hellmann

Coproduction Traumgirl – création 2019 

Tanshauz Zürich, Schlachthaus Theater Bern

With the support of Stadt Zürich Kultur, Fachstelle Kultur Canton Zürich, Pro Helvetia – Schweizer Kulturstiftung, Migros Kulturprozent, Xenia – Fachstelle Sexarbeit, SIS Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung, Gwaertler Stiftung, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Burgergemeinde Bern, Kanton Bern. 


Created in august 2019, in the frame of the  Swiss Selection Edimburgh, promotion device created and funded by Pro Helvetia during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Kim is an actress. She is also a sex worker, bartender, German, Polish and more. Which identity is most important? In Traumgirl, Kim negotiates what it is like to work in the grey area between 'real work', performance and the so-called 'dirty work'.

Traumgirl was created in response to Daniel Hellmann’s Traumboy, a performance from the perspective of a male sex worker. Anne Welenc adopts an approach between documentary theatre and auto fiction to explore not only female sex work in all its forms, but the themes of sexuality and work in a neoliberal society. What is a woman allowed to reveal about herself or not? And who will pay the price?


Traumgirl  was created at Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the Swiss Selection Edinburgh of Pro Helvetia. The Swiss premieres took place at the opening of the new Tanzhaus Zürich and for the 35th anniversary of XENIA - Centre for Sex Work at the Schlachthaus Theater Bern.


In 2021, Traumgirl  RMX was rewritten first in English, then in French, following the recent changes that our work, private and sexual lives have undergone in the context of the global epidemic of COVID 19. 

The French premiere took place as part of the 14th edition of the Jerk Off 2021 Festival, in partnership with the Swiss Cultural Centre in Paris. Performing for the first time in France, in a context where buying sex is totally illegal, made all the more sense and marked an important step for both the show and the audience. The performance will be updated according to the specific local context of each country where the show is hosted.


17 novembre 2021 

NEXT festival au CC de Steiger, Menen (BE)

14 septembre 2021

Centre Culturel Suisse & Jerk Off Festival, Paris (FR)

2nd december 2020 | Reported in 2021 because of Covid-19 crisis

NEXT festival au CC de Steiger, Menen (BE)

9th to 11th january 2020

Ballhaus Ost, Berlin (DE)

20th to 23th november 2019

Schlachthaus Theater, Bern (CH)

7th & 8th september 2019

Tanzhaus, Zurich (CH)

31st july au 25th august 2019 (alternating with Traumboy)

Fringe Festival / Swiss Selection Edinburgh (UK)



Traumboy ©Till Böcker | Wolfgang Probst Culture | Patrick Mettraux
Traumgirl © Michel Wagenschütz

Traumboy & Traumgirl © Patrick Mettraux