Soya the cow

Daniel Hellmann


A character for a plurality of artistic forms and audiences


A sex-positive, feminist and vegan drag creature, breaking the binaries of gender and species. Soya the cow dances, sings and speaks for the liberation of everybody.



Through his actions, creations and experiments with the character of Soya the cow, Daniel Hellmann has created a whole range of artistic and mediation forms on the animal condition and feminism. 

Adaptable for an à la carte programme or in their entirety, here is an overview of these different proposals. 


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Below, we invite you to discover: SOYA THE COW - The character • DEAR HUMAN ANIMALS - The play • THE CONCERTS - Soya in music • PLANET MOO - The exhibition • THE WORKSHOPS - Mediation & guided tours • TASTY FUTURE - Toward an ethical and sustainable gastronomy

SOYA THE COW - The character 

Soya was born to inspire and challenge the status quo. She fights for animals and for all those whose voices are not heard. She has the will and determination to stir things up and scare those who want to cling to the toxic and violent systems of the past. Soya stands for love, freedom and climate justice for all living beings on this planet. 


This new multifaceted body of work by Daniel Hellmann is a comprehensive examination of veganism, speciesism and feminism. In doing so, he walks the line between art and activism, utopia and parody. 


Soya the Cow – Dear Human Animals  is a solo performance by Daniel Hellmann about the utopia of a new relationship between humans and other animals.


How do we bear something that is unbearable? How do we change something that we cannot change all by ourselves? And how do we become something that we are not?


Daniel Hellmann’s new solo performance is carried by the power and ridiculousness of his cow- shaped desire to change the world. Dear Human Animals uses the theatre space to create an experience that is both thought-provoking and transformative.

THE CONCERTS - Soya in music


Soya the cow proposes to give you a message in music! In several formats and with an adaptable duration, the concerts of Soya the cow are declined as follows:




PLANET MOO - The exhibition

Planet Moo is the first exhibition of Soya the cow. It presents a series of fashion photographs featuring clothing made from lettuce, radishes, grapes and other edible fruits and vegetables. This series was produced with photographer Tomas Eyzaguirre and costume designer Raki Fernandez and playfully questions the relationship between humans and non-humans, food and fashion, those who eat and those who are eaten. The confrontation between edible materials and the body of the cow-human hybrid creates hypnotically beautiful textures and political fashion statements about a throw-away consumerist society where our identities are constituted not only by what we wear but also by what we eat.


The exhibition will be complemented by floating manequins wearing Soya’s masks and costumes, as well as archival photographs from Soya’s eclectic artistic portfolio - from a mud bath with rescued pigs in an animal sanctuary to documentation photographs of a protest outside the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

THE WORKSHOPS - Mediation & guided tours 

In addition to her stage performances, Soya the Cow also offers workshops, guided tours and mediation programs to raise awareness for animal rights and climate action.

These programs aim to deepen the reflections on human-animal-relationships and their impact on the planet and our health through interactive programs and encounters around the realities that are at the origin of Soya’s creation. These events, often organised as a parallel program to the performances, can also be set up by themselves and are intended to allow a different approach to the themes addressed. They should be developed specifically according to the organiser’s territory.


Exemples of mediations : vigil in front of a slaughterhouse (excursion), non-violent civil disobedience (workshop), How do you imagine the ideal relationship between humans and animals? (children's workshop),  a field trip to a sanctuary for animals rescued from the slaughterhouse (guided tour), etc.

TASTY FUTURE - Towards an ethical and sustainable gastronomy

The gastronomy sector in theatres and cultural venues is one of the main causes of CO2 emissions and environmental destruction in the cultural industry. In 2022 and 2023, Daniel Hellmann is teaming up with Barbara Ellenberger and Klimakontor Basel. Together they will accompany 10 Swiss cultural institutions in a transformation process, where theatres and festivals change the menus of their restaurants, bars and canteens.


The project is funded by Migros Kulturprozent and aims to empower the cultural sector to take action on the climate and biodiversity crisis. By reducing or eliminating animal products from our food habits, we can make a massive contribution to climate and biodiversity protection and step into our footsteps as leaders in a broader social and cultural transformation.


This culinary reorientation can be integrated into a venue’s programme as a co-creative artistic process and can mobilise the entire team, as well as artists and the public. Soya the cow can accompany this process with a concert, the Planet Moo exhibition or with round tables around food, ecology and climate justice.

 © Arne Grugel, Tomas Eyzaguirre, Olivia Schenker