How far

Anne Monfort


Text Laure Bachelier-Mazon

Direction Anne Monfort

Artistic collaboration Laure Bachelier-Mazon

With Pearl Manifold (actress), Marion Sicre (opera singer), Brigitte Tsafack (actress), Heza Botto (actor) 

Original music composition Nuria Gimenez Comas

Sound design Eve Ganot

Light design, light and technical management Cécile Robin 

Administration & production Yohan Rantswiler 

Production & booking Florence Francisco & Gabrielle Baille - Les Productions de la Seine 

Press relation Olivier Saksik - Elektronlibre


Production day-for-night
Partners for IF CREATION an international cooperation program Compagnie Feugham & la La'akam (Bafoussam, CM), Univers des mots (Conakry, GN), Arojah Royal Theatre (Abuja, NG)

Coproduction GRRRANIT, scène nationale de Belfort, Centre Dramatique National Besançon Franche-Comté 

Supports Le Colombier - Bagnolet, Théâtre Public de Montreuil - Centre dramatique national, creation residency at the Grand Parquet, artists houses of Théâtre Paris-Villette, Institut français de Paris, CITF

How far

How far moves between several languages, several countries, and works on the superimposition of landscapes and eras.


Suzanne is driving along the A3 motorway in an old Peugeot estate car, stopping to check the tyre pressure. The station is deserted, closed for demolition. A man appears, guarding the premises. Images emerge. She returns, drives on, returns. Amadi isn't always a guard in the Paris suburbs; he's a young Nigerian film-maker who has come to explore the Foccart archives for his documentary on Biafra. Suzanne, too, grew up in Nigeria. Together, they search for and invent a protocol for visiting each other's past. They play. Landscapes are superimposed, temporalities circulate along the strange puddle of diesel that stretches over the station. A community of expatriates, suspended in the colonial dream, emerges in transparency. He is also Peter, the young Nigerian driver who has cobbled together a friendship and a language with Suzanne as a child on the road. Somewhere between narrative and dialogue, the text follows a musical and fragmentary logic, the circulations of sensations and presences, and the intertwined trajectories of a woman and a car.


The text How far have been awarded by the festival Convergence Plateau at the 104 à Paris.


Reading on the 27th September 2023 at the MC93 Bobigny (FR)



November 2024

Arojah Royal Theatre of Abuja (NG)

From 21st to 28th Februrary 2024 

Laboratoire artistique du Kamer (La'akam), Bafoussam (CM)

From 13th to 15th February 2024 
Centre Dramatique National Besançon Franche-Comté (FR)

From 6th to 10th February 2024

Le Colombier - Bagnolet (FR)

On 12th January 2024 | Creation
Le GRRRANIT, scène nationale Belfort (FR)

 31st October and 1st November

Festival Univers des mots, Conakry (GN)


©Stephan Weyer