Marion Zurbach

With Maria Demandt, Idris Boukhalfa, Vittorio Bertolli, Peter Cripps Clark

Concept Marion Zurbach

Installation Matteo Taramelli

Live music Marion Zurbach

Stage management Olivier Famin

Production Martina Langmann


Duration 80 minutes 

Language english


Production UNPLUSH

With the support of PRAIRIE Pour-cent Culturel de Migros, Kultur Stadt Bern, Kultur Kanton Bern, Fondation Stanley Thomas Johnson, Migros Aare, Burgergemeinde Bern, SIS

Thanks to Cabane B Bumplitz, Heubühne Bienzguet Bümpliz, Olmo Bern, Alexandre Vincente Rui, Diadora and Asicstiger


Creation 2019



THE FAR SIDE is a diptych of installation performances, to be presented individually or as a sequence of episodes. They are adaptable to different types of spaces (theatres, galleries, cultural centres...).


Episode I: Instant Gallery Soup

Episode II: Mont Olympus Golf Club


THE FAR SIDE presents ironic and political myths, faithful to the absurdity of existence. The mosaic of live performance, electronic soundscapes and digital media opens a dialogue between myths and contemporary events, generating an unusual place of encounter.

The focus lies on creating a sensory experience, emphasizing the metamorphosis of bodies. A diptych of performance installations on futuristic cabinets of curiosities and inspired by The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch.


THE FAR SIDE guides the audience through discordant uplifting fiction that highlights various aspects of curiosity cabinets. The journey begins by arousing the viewer‘s curiosity and progresses towards an examination of the possible narratives of human history, between myth and reality, past, present and future, through the story of three fallen gods.

The characters are inspired by creatures from Ovid’s “Metamorphosis” and current internet icons. They are the hosts of the place and invite the audience to an interactive close encounter.

Their narrations and behavior oscillate between greatness and triviality, coinciding to produce different energies in the room. The audience is frequently challenged by unexpected turn of events.


Instant Gallery Soup is set in a sneaker store, in a post-apocalyptic future, showcasing well-preserved specimens from a devastated era to the audience. The characters, three (ex-important) people, live in this sneaker store and keep it alive. They seem to have had a glorious past, but are now trapped in this situation.

The second part of the performance offers the audience the freedom to play with the installation. QR codes are placed on the shoes, which when scanned offer an additional perspective to the live show. The audience’s choices trigger a projection of images and videos that show an eclectic composition of unusual viral as well as concealed internet curiosities. 

Mont Olympus Golf Club works as a prequel. It presents the characters of the first episode at the height of their glory, before the various disasters that transformed the world and led to their downfall. The passions and desires evoked, are the source of their transformations.


8th, 17th & 22nd may 2019 | Premiere 

Cabane B Bumplitz Berne (CH)



© Marion Zurbach | Matteo Tarameli | Martin Obrist