Women's portraits

Jasmine Morand

Women's portraits revisits the feminine pieces of the Prototype Status repertoire.

6 choreographic proposals for an on demand program. 


Aquarium trio

Please yes dance video installation

Caso & Caos solo

Frozen solo

Série B trio

Perspective(s) solo




If I could get out of the mass, would I finally reveal myself singular, inimitable? Three dancers struggling with the fever of success, delirious with ego and an unbridled lust for love, advance on slippery ground, inexorably swallowed up from one biotope to another. The live sounds of the electro group Reverse Engineering subtly intensify the atmosphere of this vertiginous dive. 

Trio 35 minutes


Frozen is the first solo created and danced by Jasmine Morand. It traces the moments before death. Between rebellion and deliverance, the body moves by shock, struggling between extremes, like Lucifer, trapped in the ice ground

Solo 8 minutes




A face-to-face, a dialogue between a mother and her daughter, a dance that oscillates between the one who supports and the one who is supported. Please Yes immerses the passer-by in a vortex of images and sounds that invites him to the heart of the thoughts of these suspended bodies. An introspection on the passage of time, this installation questions human relationships and the inversion of hierarchies.

Video dance installation 60 minutes



Series B can cause side effects, including spatial and temporal disorders. Three women move backwards in a grotesque and incoherent gesture. They try to establish a framework, but they lack purpose. Their actions are exhausted, communication deteriorates, the atmosphere becomes austere. What if this is just the beginning? What if they retrace their steps? On the back of the right side.

Trio et live vidéo 15 minutes


Pleasure and inner peace seem to be the indispensable ingredients of a fulfilled modern life. Caso & Caos demonstrates the accumulation of distractions pursued to access that fulfilment, and how eventually we get lost in them.

A solo for a dancer and a vacuum cleaner, which points out the artifice of a life lived through an obsession with well-being in the expectation of achieving freedom.  

Solo 20 minutes



Perspective(s) erects the desire of the female body in the grip of time and oscillates from candor to lust, in a tension between the image of the Madonna and the matron. The stage space, delimited by three red lines, underlines the escape point from which the dancer evolves. In several chapters, the solo evokes the youthful spirit, the matriarchal force and finally gives way to silence where, in solitude, the need for consolation may have replaced the need for love. 

Solo 15 minutes