Please Yes

Jasmine Morand

Dance - voice Jasmine et Béatrice Morand

Video & music Blas Payri
Scenography Neda Loncarevic

Writter Sandra Korol 
Light design Rainer Ludwig

Video broadcasting & mapping Pierre- André Aebischer, Jean-Pierre Fonjallaz 

Sound design Xavier Weissbrodt 

Set design Adrien Moretti 

Technical Julien Perret

Administration Marianne Caplan

Dissemination Florence Francico - Les Productions de la Seine


Duration 30 minutes


Production Prototype Status
Coproductions Festival Images Vevey 2018, Dansomètre

With the support of État de Vaud, Ville de Vevey, Loterie Romande, Fonds Culturel Riviera, Casino Barrière, Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, Pour-cent culturel Migros


A face-to-face, a dialogue between a mother and her daughter, a dance that oscillates between the one who supports and the one who is supported. Please Yes immerses the passer-by in a vortex of images and sounds that invites him to the heart of the thoughts of these suspended bodies. An introspection on the passage of time, this installation questions human relationships and the inversion of hierarchies.



2nd to 7th december 2019

Festival Internacional Video, Buenos Aires (AR)

28th november 2019 

Seyr Festival, Teheran (IR)

9th november 2019

Festival De Cinema Bienal, Curitiba (BR)

15th to 20th october 2019

7• Ediciôn De Choreoscope, Barcelone (ES)

13th september 2018

Dansomètre, Vevey (CH)



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