Minimally Invasive Procedure

Marion Zurbach

Concept & choreography Marion Zurbach 

Choreography Vittorio Bertolli

Light design Jonas Bühler

Stage management Olivier Famin

Production management Martina Langmann

Booking Florence Francisco & Gabrielle Baille - Les Productions de la Seine


Duration 1 hour

Languages french, english  

Subtitles german


Production UNPLUSH




Minimally Invasive Procedure is a duet retracing the professional experiences of two dancers. One of them spent most of her childhood in a studio in Marseille, under the uncompromising discipline of a school, training top-level classical dancers. The other, was rather on the football fields or on the street with his friends in Naples, his hometown. When they finally met at the Ecole Atelier Rudra Béjart in the year 2000, they continued to work as professional dancers ever since.

After 18 years of friendship and many shared adventures, they created this duet juxtaposing the origins of their dissimilar paths. They question what urged them into this profession and how their childhood experience might have influenced their view of it. But above all, they seek to rediscover the innocence of their first shows and transmit the irrepressible pleasure of being on stage, through movement and humour.

Minimally Invasive Procedure presents a rigorously satirical examination of the numerous shows’ genres accompanying the protagonists‘ careers. Celebrating and exploring the show, they use grand emotions, humour, characters and confessions as intriguing tools.


25th november 2016 

Festival Les créatives, Théâtre de l'Abri, Geneva (CH)



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