Mam Mam, Un dîner magique

Panagiota Kallimani

Concept & choreography Panagiota Kallimani
Performers Panagiota Kallimani & Eric Fessenmeyer
Original music Stavros Gasparatos

Set design Maria Tavlariou & Hara Adamopoulou

Costume design Panagiota Kallimani, Maria Tavlariou & Nella Ioannou >

Light design Sakis Birbilis 

Production & dissemination Florence Francisco - Les Productions de la Seine


Duration 16 minutes  


All audience from 2 years old.


Executive production Les Productions de la Seine

Coproduction Centre Culturel Onassis, Athènes - Grèce


From the crowing of the rooster to nightfall, a wooden hut becomes the strange theatre of a dance with objects. Here a leg, there an arm... Through the windows and holes of the little house, bits of bodies and a whole farandole of objects, colours and shapes play hide and seek. The Greek choreographer Panagiota Kallimani invites you to a beautiful choreographic object for the very young, from 2 years old.


After the performance, the artistic crew propose a time for exchange and/or a family workshop, on the venue/organizer demand.



5th & 6th February 2022

CCN de Nantes (FR)

18th september 2020 | Recreation

Festival Primariolia, Agion, in partnership with the Onassis Cultural Center of Athenes (GR)

 21st & 22th may 2016 | creation 

Centre culturel Onassis, Athènes (GR)




© Sakis Birbilis