Les promises (the movie)

Marion Zurbach

CREATION 2018-2021


Perfomers & co-authors Rachel Houmadi, Fatima Khadissova, Ilhem Mechentel, Amira Njahi, Minane Ould Ibbat, Djenna Sekarna

Artistic direction & choreography Marion Zurbach in collaboration with the performers

Film director Giulia Angrisani

Cameraman, film editor & assitant director  Mattia Petullà
Cameraman 2  Juan Mathias Chachay

Composer & sound engineer Giorgio Gristina

Dramaturgy & stage design Arthur Eskenazi

Costumes & set design Silvia Romanelli

Artistic assistant Vittorio Bertolli

Educators Mohammed Kassouri, Pascale Borghi

Structures ADDAP13, SALC

Production management Marxine Devaud

Diffusion Florence Francisco & Gabrielle Baille – Les Productions de la Seine


Duration 1 hour 

Language french

Subtitles german


Production Unplush

Coproduction Dampfzentrale Bern

With the support of Kultur Stadt Bern, SWISSLOS-Kultur Kanton Bern, PRAIRIE Migros-Kulturprozent,  Stanley Thomas Johnson, Stiftung, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Burgergemeinde Bern, SIS, HMSL, Stiftung, Anne-Marie Schindler

Shooting locations Artagon Marseille, Foresta, Magasin "Tout pour femmes", Théâtre de l'œuvre, Centre social del Rio, Cité des Arts de la Rue


Special thanks to Mars Masala for the choreographic support, Marie-Agnès Fontaine, Jacques Vialle, Thierry Couderc, Clothilde Bertrand, Fabrizio Terranova, Eva Baudry, Kathrin Walde, Fabletics, the families and friends


The performance Les Promises was postponed several times due to travel and theatrical restrictions, so it was necessary to consider new ways of presenting the work. The artistic project Les Promises continued with the writing of a documentary film that captures the creative work done over two years.


The cinematographic work Les Promises was created around the artistic collaboration of six teenage girls living in the 15th and 16th districts of Marseille, artists, social workers and anthropologists. The dance documentary film is conceived as a window into the lives of these teenagers and is a work of speculative narration. The story of a show that cannot see life, a project that tries to adapt to circumstances but that, against all odds, has brought together people for whom this meeting has become essential.



22nd February 2022

Dampfzentrale Bern (CH)




© Maïa Izzo Foulquier