Marion Zurbach

Staging & choreography Marion Zurbach

Performance & choreography Eve-Marie Savelli, Johnny Lloyd, Peter Cripps Clark 

Artistic assistant Vittorio Bertolli

Video Matteo Taramelli

Sound Henrry Bonnet

Costumes Myriam Casanova

Lights Jonas Bühler

Stage management Olivier Famin

Graphics Valentina Brković

Production management Martina Langmann


Duration 1 heure

Languages anglais, français 

Subtitles allemand, espagnol


Production UNPLUSH




She swam to me, looked me straight in the eye, took a last breath... and didn’t take another one. I let her body sink to the bottom of the pool. - Rick O‘Barry 


Thus Rick O‘Barry tells the story of the suicide of Kathy, the female dolphin, star of the Flipper tv show. Credible testimony or delusion of a guilt-ridden man?

The piece FLIPPER tries to understand how and if the dolphin could have done it.

Kathy and her coach are accompanied by a moderator who presents a subtle mainstream reading of their shared history.


Through a reenactment of key episodes in Kathy‘s life, the public becomes witness to a fictional investigation.

Various scenes and the presentation of evidence (video archive of Kathy performing in Flipper, fan letters, etc.), gradually shed light on the dolphin’s situation before her death.

The piece stages the characters in critical situations and lets the audience witness their attempts to take stock of their state of mind during a couple therapy and a magazine’s psychology test.

These standardised scenarios, both cruel and comic, do not allow the characters to express themselves freely. They offer the audience the opportunity to read between the lines and discover the hidden agendas of the characters.

As the piece progresses, a discomfort appears between the characters. The rules that governed their relationship break down and their interactions become unpredictable.

The rhythm of the play first deconstructs, then accelerates. Different testimonies that are a priori distant, overlap and the investigation into Kathy‘s death takes an unexpected turn to become a settling of old scores between the coach and the moderator.


The live show is accompanied by an exhibition of „seapunk“ visuals and posters inspired by the teenage pop universe of the 90s’s, created by the graphic artist Valentina Brković.

Additionally, a video archive presents the testimonies of Rick O‘Barry (coach and activist), at the origin of the creation of the play.

The posters and videos contribute to the piece‘s dramaturgic composition, oscillating between fiction and fact.


5th to 7th december 2019

Tojo Theater, Bern (CH)

18th june 2019

Neuestheater, Dornach (CH) 

20th october 2018

BAD Festival Bilbao (ES) 

13 september 2018

Theater am Gleis, Winterthur (CH) 

26 july 2018

Encuentro Emergentes Internacional Sevilla (ES) 

14 december 2017

Dampfzentrale Bern (CH) | Premiere

© Roman Bruner