Do it Mayra

Marion Zurbach



Concept & realisation Marion Zurbach

Performance Maria Demandt & Peter Cripps Clark (en alternance)

Composition Giorgio Gristina

Dramaturgy Vittorio Bertolli

Scenography Arthur Eskenazi

Costumes Silvia Romanelli

Production Martina Langmann

Dissemination Florence Francisco & Gabrielle Baille – Les Productions de la Seine 


Duration 1 hour

Languages english, german, french


Production Unplush

Coproduction Dampfzentrale Berne


Do it Mayra is created by Marion Zurbach in collaboration with the dancers Maria Demandt, Peter Cripps Clark and the composer and anthropologist Giorgio Gristina.


I smoke a joint... lie down. Heard Boris Charmatz on France Culture radio say, he writes his plays lying down. I‘m trying. Mayra


Do it Mayra mixes self-mockery, borrowed statements and extreme "drama queen" moments to express the desires of a fictional character: Mayra. The evening will be a "stand-up concert performance“. A bit indigestible as a term, but it‘s what Mayra wanted to do for a long time. 

Mayra will be played alternately by Maria Demandt and Peter Cripps Clark.

On stage, a year of Mayra’s life is recounted, during which she worked on the creation of

her new piece Illusion of togetherness. But the piece still does not exist and it’s creative process has led her, to the abandonment of several creative ideas. Mayra stages these doomed ideas, these works that should never have met an audience.

During the presentation of these “failed ideas”, she prepares the audience for what will happen next. The creation and presentation of Illusion of togetherness, a collective work that belongs to everyone and is different every night.


Dances and songs

Mayra shares her experiments with dances discovered on the internet or while clubbing, such as Jumpstyle, Kuduro and Waacking. Mayra, as a dance professional, wants to study them to get closer to their technique and history, as well as understand what kind of relationship she can have with them. 

The songs are interludes of Mayra‘s narrative. Performed live, they are based on testimonials from artists transformed into poetic writing, song lyrics. Various music styles like Ghetto house or Trap music are being explored.

The musical composition explores different styles and critically deconstructs soundscapes of a contemporary metropolis. It alternates between narrative modes and the dramatic fluctuation of Mayra’s mood throughout the piece, always dialoguing with her presence on stage. At times, the music will be the base for Mayra’s vocal performances, in other parts it will provide repetitive beats, which take her on a physical journey through various dance styles. A particular focus lies on hard dance beats produced by the cross-fertilisation of different musical traditions


Do it Mayra is a piece about choice, or rather the conditions in which choices exist. The show engages the audience by suggesting that Mayra‘s artistic choices are only a phantasmagorical image of what we have to face in our daily lives. An occasion to remember the importance of putting dreams and imagination into our decision making.


26th & 28th march 2021

Dampfzentrale Bern (CH)



© Martin Obrist