Marion Zurbach


Concept & direction Marion Zurbach

Performance & choreograpy Géraldine Chollet

Dramaturgy Arthur Eskenazi

Artistic assistance Vittorio Bertolli

Sound composition Giorgio Gristina

Canine Experts Frédérique Lepetit & Gérald Caldes, with Niger's participation

Costumes design Silvia Romanelli

Light design Olivier Farmin

Production Maxine Devaud

Booking Florence Francisco & Gabrielle Baille – Les Productions de la Seine 


Duration 1 heure

Language français
Subtitles anglais, allemand


Production Unplush

Coproduction Dampfzentrale Bern (CH)

A project supported by Danse & Dramaturgie (D&D CH), an initiative by Théâtre Sévelin 36 Lausanne, in association with Dampfzentrale Bern, ROXY Birsfelden, Südpol Luzern, Tanzhaus Zürich, TU-Théâtre de l’Usine Genève; funded by Pro Helvetia and SSA Société Suisse des Auteurs (CH)

Production in progress


Biche is a solo performance inspired by the life of Frédérique Lepetit, known as Biche. The piece intertwines dance, theatre and performance and stages Marion Zurbach‘s interviews with Biche, in which she recounts the choices and events that wove her life together.


Dancer until the age of thirty, Biche‘s life changes abruptly when she has a car accident. Body and mind bruised, she decides to become a dog groomer. By the side of these animals, she is able to gradually rebuild her life.

Observing the wounds, the precariousness, the choice of celibacy and the choice not to have children, the piece searches for happiness according to Biche. The relationship with animals, notably through the study of Donna J. Haraway‘s „Manifesto of Companion Species“, accompanies this reflection.


The performer Géraldine Chollet, will be the bearer of these words and of the physical investigation linked to the experience of Biche‘s body in relation to its injuries, repair and interaction with the so-called „companion species“. On stage, she will be with Pogo, an australian shepherd.

What is our human capacity to build relationships of otherness that are not marked by domination, but by respect, affection, love - without it being anthropocentrism or anthropomorphism?

What about these ideals, how do they express themselves, which paths do they find in the course of a lifetime? Biche‘s reality, her struggle for survival, her search for meaning, are the manifestation of her courage to live on the margins. Far from speeches and exemplary forms, she presents a practice that could well lend itself to more than just a smile.


August 2022 (dates in progress)

Far° festival of living arts, Nyon (CH)

February 2022 (dates in progress)

Südpol Kriens (CH)

 21st & 22nd January 2022

Dampfzentrale Bern (CH)



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