Tempus Octo

> Isabelle Kürzi

The desire to create was born from the need to answer two questions. The first one is the relationship between the movement and the language. I would like to create a common area where movement and language will join together. The second question is about time, the point is to percieve time in another way than through linearity and horizontality.

My work is based on an interview between the american artist Jean Seberg and the journalist France Roche in 1960. The texts from the interview will be a material, an energy, a rhythm for the piece in order to open a poetry space where the sound, the movement and the language will be able to match.

                                                                                            Isabelle Kürzi

Creation 2015 at Ballet du Nord - CCN de Roubaix in Jouvence 28 march 2015

Choreography and interpretation Isabelle Kürzi
Sound director Denis Gambiez
Lighting Marie-Christine Soma

Administration, production and booking Les Productions de la Seine


Production Compagnie Stalker
Coproduction Ballet du Nord - Centre Chorégraphique National de Roubaix / Nord - Pas de Calais

With support of la Ménagerie de Verre within the context of Studiolab.