Mam Mam, Un dîner magique*

> Panagiota Kallimani

Choreographic and musical piece for young audience


* A magic dinner




Creation the 21th & 22th of may 2016 at Cultural Centre Onassis at Athens - Greece

Choreography Panagiota Kallimani
Dancers Panagiota Kallimani & Eric Fessenmeyer
Music Stavros Gasparatos


Executive production Les Productions de la Seine
Cultural Centre of Onassis, Athens - Greece (in progress)


A table, two chairs, two dancers in motion, all of this can create a universe with a new gravity- like a Buster Keaton magic dinner. This story is created by a dialogue between music, dancers and scenic elements which aim to create an imaginary game. During this creative process, we perform with items not only for their material purpose but as well for their poetic potential. Items are translated into movement and are part of the music partition.


After a study of young children (10 months old to 2.5 years old) capacities, we now know that they perceive the existence of items around them even if they do not see them. Indeed, before six months, a thing that babies do not see means that it does not actually exist for them, whereas after that age they start to realise it does exist. Their movements aim to something and they can even repeat an action, a gesture or a sound that seemed
interesting for them. External stimulus capture their eye and help them to liberate their creative imagination…
“What would happen if gravity were to change?” At this magic dinner, everything has two sides: dream and reality.