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> Panagiota Kallimani

Performance for about 7-10 amateur artists (children from 8 to 14 years)



Creation at MIR Festival at Athens - Geece / december 2016

Choreography Panagiota Kallimani


Executive production Les Productions de la Seine
Coproduction Network Open Latitudes (Latitudes Contemporaines - Vooruit - L’Arsenic - Body/Mind - Teatro delle Moire - Sin Arts Culture - le phénix - MIR Festival - Materiais Diversos), with support of programme Culture from European Union.

In a place other than the stage, a place where children of that age usually live (houses, schools, gardens, squares, restaurants, museums), their story begin in a suspended time. This daily life space becomes a surrealistic dimension by transforming the child’s energy/motion into an unusual work rhythm.  This is a slow dance, bodies almost immobile, still, whose movements are compressed, deformed, divided. This performance is an immersion within the "heart rate" of a fragile society.
Automatically, the question that springs to mind is : How a child can live in such society ?