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Jasmine Morand, "Pôle",  ©Céline Michel
Jasmine Morand, "Pôle", ©Céline Michel














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Jasmine Morand | Choreographer et artistic director


The choreographic research of Jasmine Morand, winner in 2013 of the Dance Award of the Fondation Vaudoise pour la Culture, unveils a personal reality that is always based on present and actual materials, while reinventing et intertwining them into a whole new structure. The individual is placed at the heart of the subject and, though a critical perspective is given on him and his potentialities, this perspective is neverthelesse being amused. These sharp observations compose the framework of a repertoire comprising short pieces with refined topics, allowing a complete focus on the essence of the statement, the detail of gesture as in its signified and its line. The prototye Status Company established in Vevey - Switzerland since 2007, receives an anuual convention funding support from the City Department of this town and from the state of Vaud, since 2016. The company resides at the Dansomère, a choreographic creation space in Vevey. This enterprise has produced over a dozen pieces, for soloist players or groups which have been toured in more than ten countries. Among its most important works are : Frozen, CASO & CAOS, Série B, LUI & ARTEMIS, Don't panic, and recently the diptych Ground(s) and the performance PÔLE, which explore interaction with new media and technology. The venture has also done research on pubic spaces with projects Parcours 35mm and Blind Date Parcours, which were orginally created for the Swiss nation-wide dance event La Fête de la Danse. Created for the Festival Images Vevey 2016, the twelve dancer performance MIRE offers a scenography that opens up the field of visual arts.